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Lotti has extensive experience in analysing and developing policy and regulation. As an economist, Lotti is equally experienced in quantitative and qualitative analysis. She excels in taking complex policy situations or data analysis and providing robust ways to draw out the practical insights and actions relevant to decision-makers.

Influential work

  • Lead the cost benefit analysis of innovation policy options for a state economic development department wishing to improve the quantity and quality of the workforce in the digital economy

  • Developed a framework for a state economic development department to identify and prioritise sectors to invest in order to accelerate digitisation in the state economy

  • Analysed and developed advice on Victoria’s startup ecosystem

  • Developed a framework for a state economic development department to measure and assess the impact of cultural and creative programs

  • Evaluated a state education program providing technology to government schools

  • Developed business cases and government funding bids for medical research institutes

Prior to dandolo, Lotti worked as:

  • A senior policy analyst in the New Zealand Government’s Social Investment Agency, supporting departments and NGOs to make better use of data and evidence in policy development

  • A senior economic analyst for an international economics consultancy, providing policy and regulatory advice to public and private sector clients in Australia, New Zealand and in developing countries.

  • A researcher at the Health Services Research Centre, developing a simulation model of diabetes in New Zealand

Lotti has bachelor’s degrees in economics, Political Science and International Relations from Victoria University of Wellington.